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Horse Riding, Paragliding, Archery, Rifle Shooting, Zorbing, Burma Bridge, Rock climbing, Rappelling, Trekking and many more

Being in Sanasar itself is an activity as the nature plays its active role in rejuvenating the body and mind. It is a perfect place for family holidaying away from the hustle and bustle of cities and free from all sorts of pollutions. Moreover, large open space around the resort for farming and floriculture, itself is a full activity. Amidst 150 feet tall Pine Trees, resort brings complete nature around the guests.

Our range of activities are as simple as just sleeping under pines to as adventurous as paragliding, Archery, Rock Climbing, hiking, etc. but the activities are focused at fun and frolic.

For the spiritual seekers, Sanasar is the place for long hours of Meditation as the pin drop silence keeps them in uninterrupted ecstasy. The divine presence of the Nag Temple (local deity) can be felt by the Yogis.

Boating in the Fresh Water Lake at Sanasar adds to the overall charm of the day activity.

Cool Spring Waters around the resort are a perennial source with ice cold water in the summers and lukewarm water in freezing winters.

Fill your bottles and take them home.

Trekking to the upper mountain reaches is a strong activity with unexplored nature and its resources all around the Sanasar with in few Kilometers during the local festivals and special days.

Horse riding for Children and family members is arranged by us. Long and short rides around Sanasar on a horse add to the royal taste of holidaying.

Night time Bon Fires with singing and dancing leads for the joyous night sleep.

Adventure Sports activities are being carried out by local groups with hi-tech equipment under the guidance of experts.

Sledge rides in winter over the snow add to the overall experience of the vacations with memoirs to keep for years together.

Strawberry picking

Naturally grown strawberry is in plenty around the place which can be nicely picked and eaten fresh. It is a perfect way to pick, eat and take pictures of this activity for the memoirs to keep for future.

Cook Fresh Farm Vegetables

Picking fresh vegetables from the nearby farms and cooking them yourself also forms an activity.

Morning Walks in Forests

For the early risers (6.00 AM), morning walks in bountiful oxygenized nature with fine chirping of birds is a treasure to be kept for revisiting Sanasar every year.

Afternoon Nap under Pines

This is an another activity which is intense for deep relaxation. Simply lying under a pine tree over lush green grass finely blended with a soft cushion of moist dried fallen leaves of the pines. With the soft breeze and gentle sounds of the birds around, one gets a lullaby for a deep sound sleep penetrating into the core regions of mind and body. This forms an activity in Tranquil Nature  

"So simple but always missed"

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